Than thin people. What wedding dress selection

2013-09-23 Consult a menswear mix problem, I was not wearing a suit, but there is an important occasion, it is necessary to dress without expert advice, so ask-as follows: 24 years old, 1.68M,53KG
Request works: must have tie requested showed a young professional managers of the edge professional temperament and young people ... (Can't look too childish, but not too old)

Track suits. shirt. pants. brand shoes and matching tie styles. colors. sizes and wearing a watch, and more ...

I thank you master ... Replication. Paste, no spoilers please love yourself .... Thank you for your cooperation!!! Better to recommend a casual Western clothing ....

And you know what, the domestic Shanghai. Suzhou have engaged in personal image guidance or design professional or company? Thank you, first floor, but I had to wear a suit and tie (suits would do well if dark color), so as to meet our team
A, your body is too thin, 39+ white shirt, dark suit and best customized fit, black shoes, blue tie

B, my suggestion is first of all not be dressed too formally, which is blunt, because your height is not extraordinary that, if it is too stiff but well ~ ~ then I suggest not wearing a tie, necktie and bow tie to play bad or inappropriate will not generous enough poise! Some advice to you is to go to the leisure class menswear store pick up some formal clothes ~ leisure suits mix small collar shirt, combined with casual pants to be a nice mix of!~!! As regards the size and color you personally to try to answer, not gaudy ~ pastel colors will make you feel more comfortable. best choice can make your skin look shiny fresh mix!! And then give you a bit of advice is, the size must be appropriate, I mean not to choose too large or too small to wear. It's just my little bit of advice ~ ~ only you have a shot at it, didn't know what was best for you!! Wish you success Ah!!!!

C, men's wear brand, dress suit with younger children, Ah, Niamey, dressed in seven brand, Lomond, firs, and Dunhill, Golden Lion, classic cars, montagut, Burberry etc, basic style similar, you can choose when you buy, now provides you with several options –

1 + stripes, white shirt with a tie (must have one and the suit of the same color) + black, dark-blue suit

2, a bright blue shirt + tie + silvery dark suit

3, dark brown shirt + tie + dark gold dark suit

+ + 4, pale pink shirt and blue tie dark blue suit

+ 5 + Silver, black shirt tie black suit (cool)

6, and tender green shirt + yellow or silver tie + black suit other, career loaded General to dark mainly color, but in recent years rubbing into has many fashion of element, in losing solemn of premise Xia, appropriate select some bright color can to you personal adorned many, in crowd in the improve themselves of highlights, recommends If select comparison traditional of color, can in suit style Shang select some small decorative of, if select has color bright of on needs tie comparison simple style of suit to wearing, avoid produces towering of feels. Leisure in these brands have sold, if you want more suitable for the warm spring, mounted a strong, casual should choose some brighter hues, so as to meet the leisure mood you said Oh, offering you several collocation scenarios well--

1, pale pink knitted leisure shirt + vest + brown + beige + khaki leisure suit pants casual shoes

2 white/green/blue/yellow t-shirt + black + Black, white leisure suit, light grey casual pants + sports and leisure shoes when you select a t-shirt, take the chest has personality patterns, with a leisure suit on not so empty, sports shoes, choose some large outside, get on a leisure suit of tune. Excellent personal temperament, solid professional demeanor, in fact, do not have to wear dark clothing to achieve the goal, the key is to know what kind of match, you can practice well, designers can only be a contingency, to wear out your own style, you still need to practice. Hope you are emphasizing fun to wear *^_^*d, men's dressing style, not casually, particularly in suits, ties and shirts. Their changes are limited, so focus on the color matching. How to mix their colors more classic? Wear your own taste?

1. Preferred dark suit formal occasions (such as black, Navy Blue, dark gray), followed by grey, Brown and Cain. Or want something casual and relaxed young people who might give consideration to choosing lighter colors, like beige, light gray, striped, plaid or a single coat mix, even for a dark suit, but only if accessory properly can also be relaxing atmosphere. -Tie pattern photography, band ties, wearing a striped, Plaid Shirt and no tie.

2. Shirts-in General preferred cosmopolitan white, light blue, blue and other color shirts. Easier selection of some white stripes, plaid shirts, business sense of strong dark shirt and checkered shirt is generally not suitable for formal activities and business activities. Only in the more relaxed, casual atmosphere and the young people in the party can choose to use this type of shirt; large splayed collar of shirt collar, pointed collar is more delicate, but look at what led the popular summer wearing short sleeve shirts for the middle and lower strata, pelagic who always choose a long sleeve shirt.

3. Tie-first advice is engaged in leadership and business activity should always be wearing a tie, because ties are "respect, trust, cultural" symbol. Second should be apt to buy a tie. Tie the length, width, there is some stress, but materials and colors and patterns are the most important. More formal and advanced materials used in business activities and avoid wearing synthetic rough, thin tie; first of all one-color and monochrome weave tie, should generally have blue, Brown, Maroon, Grey tie, summers are light grey and white tie, followed by deep reflection slant, dots, and more rule patterned tie. Ties with General principles of color and coat color or same color ingredients, more harmonious, decent, stately; also contrasts with the coat color, feel young, lively, and should focus more on shirts, jackets, ties associated accessories.

4. Shoes and socks – compared with conventional shoes should be black or Brown, choose an atmosphere model according to the purpose; sock color with pants, as a ceremonial occasion to wear black socks and generally should avoid white socks (except for white pants and white shoes).