Winter fashion yuppie much to the strong revival of men's accessories (Photos)

2013-09-24 Winter fashion yuppie much to the strong revival of men's accessories (Photos)

Ya strong wave of nostalgia with the revival of the rise in the autumn and winter, standard equipment, including clothing texture strong ensembles, with a beam into trousers cowboy shirt Plaid jacket, sweater costume small thin belt , straight jeans and so on. But even more eye-catching and play a decisive role, but it is actually much to some seemingly ordinary men accessories.

Texture of ensembles, creating a classic image of this fall season

Plaid jacket and denim shirt with a classic Masanori

Bags -

Yuppie style destined to have a more vivid color appearance, especially in the autumn, bags have been given new rich colors: beige, brown, blue stone, blue, and sense of color and detail focused culture, for example, in men PRADA money bags, we see exactly the same with the ladies bag intensive three-dimensional pattern, eye-catching fashion apart, retro flavor blowing. In the eyes of more designers, even simple black can not just treat them ready to play contrasting effect, even if some of the handbag design is simple, but still deliberately reduce the metal element to highlight the luxurious details. The deconstructionist style old-fashioned traditional leather bags faded to splice elements of bright spots, but also has an ultra-soft leather and designed to add a large number of functional details.

Men's bags are not just as decorations, practical function should not be overlooked. So you will find that, although the appearance of simple men's bags, but it actually "rich" extraordinary: a plurality of segments, with a lined pocket, can be used to put the tablet computer, laptop or smartphone, will not let you packing bags and find content mess.

Men's bag appearance is usually relatively simple, but the design was quite particular connotations.

Has a dense pattern handbag, retro flavor blowing.

Footwear -

We want to explore not dress shoes, but quite tasteful fashion shoes T stage, but definitely not too dramatic styling, the actual wear rate is very high. Salvatore Ferragamo men's shoes have always been highly sought after, both season launch flagship shoe exudes classic flavor, but also quite modern, more importantly, its shape is more rounded and soft leather fabrics and extremely flexible soles, so wearing more comfortable. Some low-heeled shoes are slim Distressed after treatment, more highlights its casual style, especially the upper material of the match, feel ease, is the optimal mix of straight jeans. As more brands, in pursuit of yuppie style, the more attention will be placed on the British forces retro style of the building, one is hard pointed shoes, the other is soft bow shoes, looks totally different taste, but the same thing. The former is more focused on creating a sense of line and color matching, the details of the sole makes interesting infinite; while the latter is more focused with Nubuck and butterfly bandage neutral taste, bringing a sense of vague ambiguous.

Low-heeled shoes are slim Distressed after treatment, highlighting its more casual style.

Soft leather shoes also proved popular yuppie style multi-faceted.Accessories

Distinguish yuppie style with other men, delicate accessories most important, they have a great relationship with the seasons. Start with the collar starts, do not use those 90 slender young love scarves, and more focused on the use of pure cashmere scarf made ​​of high-quality textile yarn, or fine silky thread is made ​​of bags of towels, appear in your blazer pocket. Its vivid patterns, a variety of stripes, Yamagata pattern, twill, herringbone, fine checkered, spherical and printing logo or jacquard all OK. If you want to skip some of the style and then directly wearing a bow tie is also possible. As for the other accessories for style points, there appear casual hat and glasses, sunglasses can be, if not go hat style retro palace-style high-hat can be, with the best frame design also echoed some more clothes , looks quite understanding.

Easy to use tie

Popular colors this season are more gloomy frame.

Streamlined classic cufflinks

Very suitable for different occasions

Fancy-belt system